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Home ownership credit is a type of loan from a bank where customers are helped to buy a house without having to wait for all funds to be collected in cash. The customer only needs to collect a down payment (DP) of 30% of the price of the house (for the first house) and the costs contained in it to carry out the Home ownership credit process. The Home ownership credit also asks for collateral / collateral in the form of the house you want to buy.
For employees, the required conditions are to fill in the home loan application form with the signatures of the applicant and spouse, copy of the resident’s identity card and spouse (wife / husband), copy of marriage / divorce certificate, family card copy, copy of current / savings account last 3 months , a copy of the taxpayer principal number, the original original salary slip / income statement and position certificate, as well as a copy of the collateral ownership document, such as a certificate of ownership or building rights, a building permit, and land and building tax. If the house is still under construction and has not yet signed the binding purchase agreement, then provide a home order letter from the developer.
It’s not just cars or motorbikes that can be bought independently. Even houses that don’t yet exist can be bought.
The government had indeed planned to forbid the purchase of houses by means of indenting, especially via housing loans. The goal, to prevent property fraud by developers.
Only with capital brochures and rented offices, the developer can fool consumers with the promise that the house will soon be built. As soon as the consumer deposits a percentage of the funds, the developer runs away.
The ban is also to avoid the action of speculators or investors buy up houses in an area. This action made property prices soar, and claimed the rights of people who did not yet have a home.

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