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Small Business Loan From Government,  starting a business does not only require determination, but also other preparation and the most important thing is funding. Many SMEs (Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises) are still hindered in getting fresh funds for the development of their own companies.
For business people, especially small and medium businesses, obtaining business capital from the government is something that is highly expected to support the preparation of conducting the business that will be initiated.
As the organizer of the state administration, the government has the obligation to contribute to the welfare of the population or the community. The most appropriate effort is to encourage entrepreneurship in Indonesia by providing business financing assistance.
Indeed, in Indonesia itself there are many developing MSMEs that need attention from the government. The trigger is quite simple. Because of limited employment opportunities, young scholars or even other communities take alternatives to set up a business.
Actually, in Indonesia alone there are many ways to get business capital loans. However, it is better before we apply for a loan in advance to know the types. The government certainly has implemented regulations for lending small business funds. The government has actually prepared a special program for SMEs. Of course the government is paying attention to the SMEs to avoid the debts of entrepreneurs. We already know that bank interest is quite high for those who just want to start a business.
This credit assistance program is issued by the government to provide encouragement of entrepreneurial activities in the form of capital loans with low interest rates. Especially aimed at small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) where they still need a lot of capital injection.

Sometimes small business owners only need a little bit of capital to get their business off the ground. If this is the case, it’s almost useless to go straight to the bank—you’re very likely to get a big fat “no.” Why? A $20,000 loan and a $200,000 loan cost the same amount for banks to fund, but at much lower return.

When you only need a small amount of capital for your business, consider the Microloan Program. Microloans are great options for business owners who have almost no credit history and need anywhere between $500 and $50,000.

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